Translocators provide a way to teleport items among inventories. Attach Translocators to the inventories, then set up channels in the GUI.

First, open GUI of the translocator you want to transfer items into. Write a channel name which will be associated with this translocator, and set it. Then in the GUI of the translocator you want to transfer items from, select the target channels on the left.

Translocator doesn't have an inventory - it transfers items directly into/from the container at its back. You can set the mode of extraction and insertion - sided or whole. 'Sided' means a translocator will use only inventory slots from the side it is attached to; 'whole' means it will use all inventory slots available.

You can make translocator to transfer items to multiple translocators - it will switch between them while operating.

If a translocator has valid links, they will be displayed as particle streams.

Another function of the translocator is available when it has no channel and is not linked to any other translocator - it will get items dropped at its front and put it in the backside inventory, like a directional hopper.