A pipe for transferring items with extensive functionality.

Item pipes in action

Item Pipes in action

Every pipe has an option to set the redirection of incoming items (UI opens on right clicking with empty hand or Fine Tool):
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By default, a pipe will transfer items straight. If a straight connection is unavailable, it will search for side connections. If no side connections found, it will send item back to where it came from.

Additionally, you can define item filtering by opening filter configuration UI:

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For each direction you can set a blacklist or whitelist mode and set items you want to filter. If there isn't enough slots to set items, you can use an Item Filter to set up to 18 items in it and then place it into pipe. Ultimately, the rules of item transfer are following:

  1. Pipe checks whether the item is whitelisted. If true, it will direct the item to the corresponding direction.
  2. Pipe checks whether an item is blacklisted. If true, the item will be prevented from flowing into corresponding direction.
  3. Pipe checks the redirection settings. If there is one, the item will be sent to corresponding direction unless an item is whitelisted or there is no connection.
  4. Pipe will keep the item if it can't be transferred to a matching direction until a valid connection creates.

Note that a pipe that has filters will change it's color to dark red.

You can view the directions of a pipe by holding Alt while looking at the pipe's side.