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This wiki holds information about Fine Technology (a Minecraft mod).

This mod is a random-content style mod, mainly adds functional blocks, items, enchantments.

2017-08-06 14.01.36

General mod notes

This mod's blocks are explosion resistant at TNT level.

All rotatable blocks can be rotated by Fine Tool or by Shift + right clicking with empty hand.

Miscellaneous features

Adds a wither skull trade to Nitwit.

Generates vanilla ores in the Nether.

Adds a creative tab with spawners for all living entities.

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    New page: Timed sequencer outputs sequences of signals every specified time cycle. You can set how many signals it outputs per sequence, time between...
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    New page: There is a simple to use teleportation system in Fine Technology. To get started with it, you will need to collect a lot of soul sand and some iron...
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    New page: This item is a container. It can hold 36 stacks. It has an auto-collect toggle. When on, the bag will collect items that match ones present in it....
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    New page: If you have MCMultipart installed, Fine Technology will add Panels, which can be used for covering cables and pipes. You can obtain panels by using...
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    New page: Fine Technology adds several logic gates, a pulser and a variation of repeater. All of them have 5 input sides and 1 output side. Input sides are...