Fine Technology Wiki

This is a an advanced block breaker. Its behavior can be finely customized:

  • You can set its job mode: harvest or destroy. 'Harvest' will harvest blocks, 'Destroy' will destroy blocks without leaving drops behind.
  • Range of operation: how far the breaker will reach. Maximum value is 170 blocks.
  • Set of exclusions: defines what blocks the breaker will skip or destroy. To remove a string, write corresponding number of the exclusion into the text field and press 'Remove string'.
  • Filtering mode: whether breaker will skip or destroy blocks which names are in the exclusion list.
  • Target mode:

When a breaker is in harvest mode, it will harvest blocks and put their drops in an inventory behind - it can be a block or an entity. It can also transfer items through Transfer Scaffolding.

If you want to copy one breaker's settings to another, combine them in crafting grid - put source breaker on the left and target breaker on the right.

Breaker will react to redstone signal. But if there is a Transfer Scaffolding next to it, Breaker will react only to the Scaffolding's state.

Breaker can be upgraded by music discs.